Need some healing?

Whether you have a chronic illness, recurring health problem, or even an undiagnosed issue, and whether your health problems are physical, mental, or emotional, there is a completely natural clear path to healing.

Give yourself a little time to learn what’s possible right now. It will be well worth it.

need healing

Learn to rethink your approach

If what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked. If what you’ve tried has led to disappointing results. Would you like to learn a different approach? 

Try some of what you learn

We can talk about solutions all day long, but until you see for yourself what works, nothing else matters. Be open to trying and then decide.

Be patient with your body

Promises of quick fixes are tempting. And they are possible but not always. Look forward to the time you can return to feeling better, but give your body and your self the healing time to get there. 

We have answers for you

Nature is our best healer. Every one of us has the ability to heal built right into our system at birth. We just need to know how to activate this inner healer. Clear Path to Healing can show you how. 

What to Expect from your membership


You can change any aspect of your experience


Increase your energy


Sleep better


Say goodbye to stress


Feel better physically and emotionally


Reduce or eliminate your symptoms


Have a completely new lease on life

About Us

Meet Jan

Clear Path to Healing evolved when Jan Tucker, CQH, CECP, and yogi learned how to heal her own recurring bouts of bronchitis, eczema, depression, and other health issues using several forms of energy healing.

She was amazed to learn from a Qigong Master that she could heal herself. He taught her how to help others to heal as well, and now she’s amazing people all over the world helping them discover their own healing capabilities.

Jan Tucker, CQH, CECP, yogi


Clear Path Pointers

Clear Path to Healing Defined

Clear Path to Healing Defined

Your overall path Clear Path to Healing provides you with the resources and the support you need to create and work a plan to help you heal holistically. You’re more than a physical body. You’re a body, a mind, a series of emotions, and a soul. To heal properly and...

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Stay tuned for holistic healing

If you have a chronic or repetitive illness, physical symptom, pain, or an emotional issue you can't get control over, there's hope. Energy healing is a science being studied by Western medicine and incorporated as part of the...

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