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What’s it all about, anyway?

There is always a better way to accomplish any goal. Sometimes for critical goals it can take a lifetime to map out the best way. But your health can’t wait. And you don’t need to wait.

Jan Tucker created Clear Path to Healing after discovering a miraculous way of healing that has helped people regain and maintain their health for centuries. It solved her problem—many years of suffering from chronic bronchitis and asthma. It can solve your problem, too.

“Every time I have the honor of working with someone to bring healing, it’s a peak moment in my life when they experience the results.”   Jan Tucker

My long climb back to health took decades. It was anything but a clear path. In fact it was ultra windy and long. I had no idea if I’d have success finding a solution to my low immunity and years of suffering from bronchitis, asthma, and a growing list of other health issues all combining to bring me down. I didn’t even know if a solution existed. But I stayed hopeful and kept trying.

One day when I was 40-years-old, my new acupuncturist (who is world-class) said to me, “You need to do Qigong.” I didn’t even know what Qigong was—had never heard of it—but I trusted her. She had kept me from getting bronchitis from the first time I set foot in her office. She was the only one in 36 years who’d been able to do that (I started getting it at age 4).


With my first phone call in search of Qigong, I found that Chinese-born Master Chunyi Lin of Spring Forest Qigong was coming to San Diego in two weeks, about an hour from my home, to teach Qigong Levels 1 and 2. What a coincidence! Finding a master doesn’t happen every day—and one coming to an area near you is even more rare. I signed up for his classes. Later I learned it was the last time he would teach the entry levels!

The weekend I spent learning Levels 1 and 2 with Master Lin, which was magical, taught me how to keep myself from suffering from bronchitis ever again. That weekend I vowed to help others learn this beautiful path to health. That’s what Clear Path to Healing is all about. And to this day, I’m still studying with Master Lin.

Our Mission & Vision

Help clients understand what their bodies need to return to health from chronic or repetitive illness, emotional upset, or pain. Help their bodies learn to operate optimally.


Provide the knowledge—the Clear Path to Healing


Provide the support needed to bring healing


Provide the services to speed up the results

What We Do

We teach a lifestyle based on energy healing and optimal health. Energy healing has been called the medicine of the future but it’s already been the best medicine for centuries. We’re not inventing anything new.

Our Approach

We have all the wisdom to know how to work with energy and how to support the body. It’s based on science. Our Clear Path to Healing is based on a balanced lifestyle working with the energy provided to us by nature—nature supports our health—and it’s all around us. We just need to learn how to work with it!

Our Core Values

We treat everyone we meet with the highest respect. We help each other, and love unconditionally. We’re always ready to share our knowledge and to continue learning from others. We’re all in this world together—let’s make it the best, healthiest, happiest world we can.

Energy Healing


Membership and Community


Wisdom from the Ages


Why spend time with us

We are building a supportive community of like-minded individuals, many of whom are experiencing the same health issues.


Learn how Jan Tucker and other selected experts can help you, just like they've helped themselves and others


Implement what you learn and improve your health exponentially (regain your health)


Learn how to create and maintain a balanced life and a healthy mind, body, emotions, and spirit


Get the support you need to succeed reaching your health goals


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