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It’s really simple. Your body has specific requirements—specific needs—to heal and to operate optimally. Join our free Clear Path membership today to learn how to fully support your body, mind, and emotions—holistically—to regain your health, and to stay on track!

Above & Beyond

Has your hectic life taken over? Do you neglect yourself? This is the biggest downfall for everyone’s health. Spend just an hour a week with your Clear Path membership and you’ll soon feel a significant difference.

Let me emphasize, it is simple to regain your health and stay healthy. It’s energy healing 101. You’ll learn what to do very quickly through Clear Path. Yet to create a lifestyle that fulfills your body’s needs will require some adjustments.

With a free Clear Path membership, you’ll learn all the basics your body needs to return to health. You’ll have the support of Jan and the others in the community to do what’s needed, and you’ll keep learning new fun things all along the way to help you stay committed to yourself.

Our special groups keep it simple. Choose only what matches your needs.

Learn healing secrets from the experts

Chat with other group members with common experiences for ideas and support

Empower yourself— commit to you and your complete health

Available groups 

Each Clear Path group below provides a program to support your needs. Hop on board now while we’re just getting started. We have what it takes to help you return to health now and stay healthy. We’ll offer even more as we grow.

Healing chronic & recurring illnesses & pain

learn energy healing 101—all the things your body needs to regain your health 

Moving your body for HEALTH

Learn the ancient practice of Qigong energy healing you can do at home to enhance your healing. It looks like Tai Chi but it’s more powerful—specifically designed for healing.

Long-covid sufferers

Learn this specialized Qigong practice if you’re suffering the effects of long Covid 

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