5-Elements Qigong Movement Practice Videos (3 videos)


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We all know we need to move to get and stay healthy. The movement part of Qigong involves highly specialized movements that help us heal and energize all the organ systems of our body by removing energy blockages. Jan's Spring Forest 5-Elements Movement Practice, developed by her teacher, Master Chunyi Lin, energizes five major organ systems, bathing your entire body in energy to create and enhance your best health. Doing this practice consistently will give you healthier heart, lung, digestive, kidney, and liver systems. All these organ systems, of course, work together to provide you with optimal health and longevity.

This video set consists of three videos to get you going and keep you going. You'll receive two 1-hour practice videos and one 10-minute practice video.

The first hour-long practice is a LEARN IT video. In it, Jan teaches you

  • Qigong warm-up movements to activate energy points throughout your body
  • Techniques to add more power to your practice to receive the most benefit
  • Five movements to energize five major organ systems in your body (not just five organs)
  • Harvesting movements to distribute the Qi energy you generated throughout your body
  • A guided meditation to develop your ability to visualize and move energy with your mind

Throughout this video, you'll follow Jan's instructions and her movements as she does the practice with you. She includes verbal instructions and other knowledge about Qigong to enhance your practice. You can get more out of any practice by knowing why you're doing each movement, what it is doing for your body, mind, and emotions, and how it works to accomplish its benefits.

The practice is designed to remove blockages from your energy channels, also known as the meridian system. It's these blockages that cause all of our health problems. Traditional Chinese medicine discovered centuries ago that every human ailment, whether it's physical, mental, or emotional, can be traced back to one or more blockages in our energy channels. Qigong was developed to remove the blockages, return our bodies back to balance, and reclaim the health we long for. That's what the 5-elements practice is designed to do.

The second hour-long practice is a DO IT video.

You'll do the same 5-elements practice with Jan, but this time without the detailed instruction that you internalized from the first video. Jan will help you visualize and experience calmness, serenity, connection, color, and pleasant emotions throughout this practice. Your movements will be meditative.

Through continual practice, you'll sink into a subconscious state and then merge with your superconscious level as you connect fully with the Qi energy of the universe. Like some of Jan's regular weekly students, you may find the Qi energy begins to move you rather than you moving the energy. You'll feel like you're floating, and you may even forget your body exists. Her students are always surprised and amazed when this happens.

The third video is a shortened version of the complete practice

For days when you're more challenged for time, you'll still be able to continue your Qigong practice to maintain your commitment to yourself and your optimal health.

Can you imagine what giving your body a complete internal energization workout every day will do for you?

You can make great strides with even a 10-minute practice (of course longer is even better). The extra energy you cultivate through a Qigong practice doesn't just remain with you for a short time. When you practice every day, the energy accumulates, raising your energy vibration higher and higher. You'll be operating from a different level of awareness when you reach this state. Qigong also provides an energy reserve for you to draw on any time you need it.

Download this Qigong 5-elements practice set and change your life. The videos will also serve as your introduction to Jan's "clear path to healing" so you can continue to follow her teachings. Qigong and energy healing are ways of life—not just separate practices you do for a small portion of your day. Energy healing is an uplifting way of life that can change your entire perspective for the better—you will improve physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually all at the same time. So in addition to using the videos, treat yourself to even more—if you haven't done so already, click here to learn about and join Jan's free Clear Path Membership today to learn more about how to create and live this kind of life for yourself!


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